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Anthem, AZ Pest Control

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Smart Pest Solutions In Anthem, AZ

When you want affordable and advanced pest control solutions, our licensed and highly trained pest control specialists are here to help. Greenway Pest Solutions uses customized Integrated Pest Management strategies to address pest pressures and the unique environments found in Anthem, AZ. Contact us for a free quote.

Active Pests In Anthem, AZ

Home Pest Control In Anthem, Arizona

The Greenway Pest Solutions team can provide year-round pest control for your Anthem home. We treat the interior and exterior to arrest pest activity and prevent continued entry. What can you expect?

  • An initial inspection and treatment of key areas, such as baseboards, cracks and crevices, structural cavities, and the foundation
  • Quarterly service visits from a licensed professional
  • On-time and friendly service
  • Spot treatments to reduce pest activity in your yard and landscaping
  • Liquid applications to your exterior to keep pests out of your home
  • Targeted pest control solutions as needed to eliminate colonies and nests
  • Dewebbing of your exterior and bushes to remove webs and spider egg sacs
  • Rodent monitoring, collection, and exclusion

Your year-round home pest control service plan gives you coverage for a variety of pests, including but not limited to:

Battling pests in Anthem, AZ is a year-round struggle. Get a year-round solution. Contact us today to learn more, or learn about pests in Anthem, AZ by visiting our pest library resource and see what you're up against.

Anthem, AZ Termite Control 

Termites in our area are persistent pests. You need a persistent solution. At Greenway Pest Solutions, we use the most advanced technologies to detect termites and to actively eliminate colonies as they come near the structures on your property.

Termite bait stations collect data on termite activity and offer bait that termites can't resist. When they take the bait, it leads to colony elimination.

Liquid termiticide is applied to the soil around structures to create a barrier that is invisible to termites. When they pass through it, they share the active ingredient with the other workers and this leads to colony elimination.

When you need termite control in Anthem, AZ, contact Greenway Pest Solutions to see what termite solution will work best for you. Contact us at the first sign of termites, or better yet, before these wood-destroying insects have a chance to damage your home. 

Mosquito Control In Anthem, Arizona

Few pests can ruin outdoor fun like mosquitoes can. Whether you're looking for a one-time time solution in advance of an outdoor gathering, or you want to keep mosquitoes away throughout the mosquito season, we have what you need.

  • We inspect your yard for breeding sites, resting spots, and conducive conditions.
  • We apply mosquito fogging to address active mosquitoes during each visit.
  • We disrupt mosquito development so that mosquito wrigglers and tumblers are unable to turn into flying, biting pests.
  • We treat breeding sites.
  • We use mosquito traps to eliminate female mosquitoes and eggs.

Mosquito season in Anthem, AZ is between April and October. Let your Greenway Pest Solutions team help you keep those pests away from your outdoor recreation areas.

Mosquito control makes outdoor fun more fun. But that isn't the only reason to get it. When you reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, you reduce the chances of illness. Mosquitoes spread many diseases, including West Nile virus, EEE, and many more.

Bee & Wasp Removal In Anthem, AZ

Stinging insects can sneak up on you if you're not prepared. Routine visits from a pest control specialist catch bee and wasp activity early. We stop activity by addressing nests quickly. We have the gear and knowledge to handle these pests appropriately.

In addition to our ongoing services, we also offer stand-alone bee and wasp control in Anthem that includes a stinging insect inspection and swarm and nest removal!

Anthem, AZ Bed Bug Treatments

It is alarming to think that you can have bugs living in your beds or furniture and biting you while you sleep, and even more alarming that they are hitchhiking pests that are hard to keep out of your home. We get it! That is why we offer tips on our blog for catching bed bug activity early.

When bed bugs find their way into your home, contact Greenway Pest Solutions for an effective, multi-pronged bed bug treatment. We use several methods and products to make sure no bugs remain!

Cockroach Control In Anthem, AZ

In Anthem and throughout the Phoenix metro, the types of cockroaches that frequently infest homes and businesses include:

To help property owners exterminate roaches and prevent new cockroach activity from developing, Greenway Pest Solutions uses a range of treatment options. If you've discovered roaches in the kitchen or elsewhere in your structure, contact us for the best cockroach control in Anthem! 

Commercial Pest Control In Anthem, AZ

When you need a commercial pest management solution that meets and exceeds all government regulatory standards, you can count on Greenway Pest Solutions. We know your industry and customize your service to meet your specific needs. For commercial pest control services in Anthem, contact our local exterminating team today! 

Weed Control In Anthem, Arizona

Pest control and lawn care go hand-in-hand. While we're keeping the structures on your property free from pest activity, we can also address those unsightly and disruptive weeds in your yard.

Our bi-monthly service addresses current weeds with post-emergent treatments and future weeds with pre-emergent treatments.

Get rid of that unwanted vegetation starting today. Contact Greenway Pest Solutions for weed control services in Anthem, AZ

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