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Comprehensive termite inspection

When you reach out to Greenway Pest Solutions about a termite problem in your home or business, we'll send out a highly trained and fully licensed pest control technician to inspection your property to:

  • Confirm the presence of termite activity
  • Evaluate the severity of the termite infestation
  • Look for termite damage
  • Identify conditions that attract these wood-destroying pests

To exterminate termites already active on your property and prevent new termite colonies from establishing, Greenway Pest Solutions offers termite baiting and liquid termite treatments. Based on the termite inspection, your specialist will recommend the best option for your situation and provide you with a termite control quote. 


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Termite baiting 

At Greenway Pest Solutions, we use the proven, lasting protection of Trelona® ATBS Annual Bait Stations. This termite baiting solution doesn't just reduce the number of termites, it achieves on-going structural protection through complete colony elimination. 

  • Proven performance 

  • One-year termite re-treatment warranty that can be renewed with annual inspection

  • Long-term protection from termites

Simply put, termites don't stand a chance because this method not only intercepts foraging termites by creating a ring of protection around the perimeter of your structure, it ensures the entire nest is eliminated - including the queen!


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Liquid termite treatment

When our pest control team performs liquid termite treatments, we rely on Termidor® HE.  Whenever a termite ingests or touches the product, it unknowingly becomes a "carrier", transferring the termiticide to other termites it comes in contact with. Those termites become secondary carriers and continue to transfer the product to other termites, eventually eliminating the entire colony.

  • Genuine Transfer Effect technology
  • Formulated and applied with your family and the environment in mind
  • Five-year termite re-treatment warranty

Unlike other liquid termite treatment options, Termidor® HE requires less drilling and trenching. It also saves time and reduces disruption around the home or structure. 

termite mud tubes on a cement wall

How do you know if you have termites?

Not sure if you should call a termite exterminator?

If you're worried about a possible termite infestation in your home or business, look for these signs of termites:

  • Termite mud tubes on, in, or near your structure
  • Discarded termite wings or flying termites (AKA swarmers) in or on your property
  • Bubbling or peeling paint
  • Swollen doors and windows, 
  • Wood that sounds hollow or is easily punctured with a knife or screwdriver
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Frequently Asked Questions

Termite Control

When do termites swarm in the Phoenix metro?

Termites usually swarm in the Phoenix metro mid to late summer, during and after monsoon season. 

Do I need to worry about my home if my neighbor has termites?

If your neighbors have discovered a termite infestation in their home or on their property, it does not necessarily mean you also have termites. Unfortunately, it does mean there's a greater chance termites will show up on yours. 

How much does termite control cost?

The cost of Greenway's termite control depends on the type of termite treatment we perform, property size, and other factors. Contact us today to request a free termite control quote

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