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German Cockroaches

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What do German cockroaches look like?

An Adult German cockroach is about ½ an inch long, shiny tan, with two black stripes in the shape of an equal sign on its back. The wingless nymphs have this coloration, but the black runs down each side with a strip of tan in the middle. Newly hatched nymphs are entirely black or black with tan in the center. Adults are almond-shaped while nymphs are oval or teardrop-shaped. German cockroaches have six spiny legs, two antennae, and three body parts in all stages of development, though it is difficult to distinguish between them.  

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Pest Facts

Did you know?

  • German cockroaches love heat and humidity.
  • A cockroach can live a whole week without its head and only dies from lack of water.
  • A German cockroach can fit through spaces as thin as a dime.

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Can German cockroaches fly?

Yes, German cockroaches have fully developed wings, which is not the case for all roaches. But, while gifted with working wings, they rarely fly. German roaches prefer to stay on the ground. They may, if needed, flutter down from high spots to get onto the floor and skitter away.  

Where are German cockroaches found?

These cockroaches are attracted to damp dark areas, both indoors and outdoors, and are found in many hiding places. Look for German cockroaches in your landscaping and underneath your back deck, when inspecting your yard. You may also find them hiding underneath objects or in junk piles.

Indoors, search tight or dark spaces. Inspect your kitchen, pantry, closets, and attic. In your kitchen, check underneath your oven, refrigerator, and sink first.

What do German cockroaches eat?

These insects subsist on a wide variety of foods. Some of the things you would not consider food, such as cardboard, paper, dead skin, hair, and fecal matter. When it comes to human or pet food, German cockroaches prefer them in a state of decay. 

Are German cockroaches dangerous?

They do not present a direct threat to humans and rarely bite, except by accident. The primary concern is the spread of harmful microorganisms, such as salmonella. A German cockroach can spread these organisms by touching surfaces as they crawl over them, or by contaminating things with their excrement. Food poisoning and stomach illness are often the result of an infestation. Roaches are also a threat to those who suffer from asthma. Roaches' saliva and shed materials aggravate asthma symptoms and increase hospitalization in homes with infestations.

How fast do German cockroaches reproduce?

German cockroaches are serious structure-infesting cockroach, largely due to their reproductive rate. They make new cockroaches incredibly fast. Their ability to reproduce is linked to favorable environmental conditions, such as temperature, food availability, and predatory threats. German cockroaches live five to seven months with each female capable of producing as many as 400 offspring in its lifetime.   

Do German cockroaches spread quickly?

Yes, German cockroaches are highly mobile insects that can move quickly through a structure and find harborage in many areas. They scale walls, run across ceilings, and slip through the tiniest cracks. Nymphs are so small that they can fit through the tiny holes in an electrical outlet.  

How do I get rid of German cockroaches?

It is difficult to control German cockroaches because they avoid treatments and have a naturally adaptable physiology that helps them survive exposure to control materials. This species is particularly hard to manage as it is the only species that is known to have populations that produce offspring that are averse to cockroach bait. Contact Greenway Pest Solutions for a professional German cockroach treatment.

How do I prevent a German cockroach infestation?

These insects can enter your home from your yard. Seal entry points in your exterior to deter them. You'll also need to rake leaves, remove sticks, trim vegetation, cut grass, and manage exterior trash to reduce roach activity near your home.

For even more control, consider year-round home pest control. An ongoing service plan comes with routine perimeter treatments that work to keep German cockroaches and other pests out. 

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