Common Types Of Ants In Phoenix
April 5, 2024

Common Types Of Ants In Phoenix

While cockroaches, mice, and other insects and rodents prefer to avoid encounters with humans and usually only come out at night, ants are not afraid to venture into homes during the day in search of food. If you are in Phoenix and worried about ant infestations, keep reading. We will discuss the most common types of ants in Phoenix and how to reduce the chances of an infestation. If you are already facing this problem, then contact Greenway Pest Solutions for quick and effective ant control. Our professionals will visit your Phoenix property and use field-tested treatments to eliminate these pests. We will also set up a long-term barrier to prevent future ant infestations. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about the ants in Phoenix and discover some prevention tips to keep them out of your home.

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Types of ants in Phoenix

Sometimes, it may seem like all ants are the same. This is far from the case. There are lots of different ants here in Phoenix, and each functions a little differently. Here is a bit you should know about the most common types of ants in Phoenix.

Pavement ants
Well-adapted to urban environments, pavement ants are best identified by their dark brown to black bodies and small size. They love building their nests around paved areas like roadways, sidewalks, and the foundations of homes. These little insects invade local properties to find food and are not particularly aggressive. However, they can be incredibly annoying.

Harvester ants
These ants thrive in the arid climate here in Phoenix. They are best identified by their large size and reddish-brown bodies. Harvester ants love to eat seeds and are often found around gardens. They will come indoors from time to time to scavenge for food.

Odorous house ants
One of the most common species in Phoenix, odorous house ants are small, dark brown to black, and prefer to build their nests in dark, moist areas. These insects regularly break into homes to find food, and when squished, they produce a smell like rotten coconuts. 

Acrobat ants
Acrobat ants are known for building nests both indoors and outdoors, especially in areas with damp or decaying wood. They typically nest in wall voids or behind siding. These ants are relatively small, with light brown to black bodies and heart-shaped abdomens. If threatened, they may give off an unpleasant odor.

For help identifying ants on your property, contact Greenway Pest Solutions. 

How rain affects ant activity

Ants love it here in Phoenix, but not year-round. When conditions outside become too cold, hot, dry, or wet, these pests start looking for new places to live. Your home is the perfect place for ants to hide when things get uncomfortable outside. One thing that affects ant activity during the summer months is rainfall.

Weather forecasts are predicting less rain this year. This might delay activity for many pest problems. It will not, however, stop ants entirely. These insects are going to come indoors, especially if there is food to scavenge. Ants are always on the lookout for snacks. If scout ants get into your home and find tasty treats, they will tell their colonies. You may then find long trails of these pests going in and out of your home. To deter ants before they come indoors, here are some natural prevention tips to consider.

How to prevent ant infestations

Food and access are two big factors that will lead to an ant infestation. The less accessible and clean your home is, the less likely you will be to find these insects indoors. Here are some of the best ways to prevent these pests.

  • Seal gaps, cracks, and holes in your home’s foundation.
  • Address gaps around windows and doors using weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Fix leaky piping and address areas of moisture build-up.
  • Clean up food messes and drink spills immediately after they occur.
  • Keep up with general house chores.
  • Store leftover food inside air-tight containers.
  • Do not let trash bins overflow, and make sure cans have tight-fitting lids.

For more effective ant prevention, talk with your Greenway Pest Solutions team and ask about our home pest control services

A professional approach to ant control

Do not let ants take over your Phoenix home. Take action today by reaching out to Greenway Pest Solutions. We are a local pest control company that specializes in effective and affordable pest treatments in Phoenix, Chandler, and Paradise Valley as well as throughout our service area. We will send a pest control specialist your way to inspect your property and implement treatment to help you combat ants and prevent future problems with these pests. It is that simple. 

Contact Greenway Pest Solutions today to learn more about our services or to request a free pest control quote!  

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