Where Do Rodents Hide In Arizona Homes?
December 19, 2023

Where Do Rodents Hide In Arizona Homes?

Maintaining the home is a priority for most homeowners. Not only do you feel more comfortable, you also reduce the chances of finding rodents inside your home. Unfortunately and despite efforts to the contrary, unwelcome guests may still find a way inside Arizona homes. When this happens, it can put people and property at risk. In this post, we'll identify common mouse and rat hiding spots and explain what property owners should do if they detect a rodent problem. 

mice hide in wall voids

Common hiding spots for mice & rats

  • Attics
    Attics offer the seclusion, protect, and access to food and nesting material most rodents are looking for when they infest homes, making them ideal hideouts. They're also easy to access if there's a small hole or other opening along the roof line. If you suspect that rodents have invaded your attic, listen for noises at night and check that space for signs of rodent activity including droppings, gnaw marks, and shredded items. 
  • Wall voids
    Another ideal hiding spot for mice and rats, wall voids are easy to access (rodents can fit through some surprisingly small openings) and provide these pests with access to almost every part of a home. Best of all (for them that is), they avoid detection because they're out of sight. If you hear squeaking or scurrying noises coming from your walls, there's a chance live rodents are scurrying about. An unpleasant odor could mean a rodent has expired in the void.  
  • Kitchens
    Behind or under kitchen appliances, under the kitchen sink, inside cabinets, and in the pantry are all desirable hiding spots for rodents because they are close to food and water sources. To determine if you have rodents hiding out in your kitchen, look for gnawed food packaging and droppings. You might also see footprints or tail marks in flour spills on the flour. 
  • Closets & cabinets
    As we noted above, mice and rats prefer areas that are secluded, meaning little to no foot traffic. Unfortunately closets and cabinets can fit that bill. Keep an eye out for chew marks in towels, blankets, and other fabrics as well as cardboard and other belongings. You might also observe urine stains and feces or hear noises once the house quiets down for the night. 
  • Garages
    Like attics and storage closets, garages often contain clutter that is easy for mice and rats to disappear in or even chew through. Garages also offer protection from elements and typically allow rodents to avoid contact with humans. Signs of rodents in the garage include chew marks on birdseed bags, cardboard boxes, and other items stored in the garage as well as rodent droppings, and rub marks along the edges of the space.  

Rodents don't always come indoors

In addition to seeking refuge inside homes, mice and rats often infest yards and outbuildings. For example, it's not uncommon to find pack rats under the hood of a car or uncover a mouse nest in the shed.  Essentially when it comes to rodents, don't underestimate their opportunistic nature. 

How to keep rodents away 

To keep mice and rats out of your home and off your property, you'll need to make sure they can't get inside and make your property less appealing to them. To Here are a few rodent prevention tips our pest control specialists have put together: 

  • Seal cracks in the foundation, gaps around garage and entry doors
  • Repair holes
  • Cover vents with durable mesh
  • Clear away junk and debris from your lawn
  • Move woodpiles several feet away from the house or structure
  • Keep grass trimmed
  • Eliminate weeds
  • Secure outdoor trash cans and do not let garbage pile up outdoors
  • Keep your home clean 
  • Store food in containers with tight-fitting lids
  • Fix leaking pipes 
  • Eliminate moisture problems

What to do if mice or rats have infested your home

Once they've found a way in, mice and rats are not easily persuaded to move back out. That's why it's important to contact a local pest control company that specializes in rodent control. Here at Greenway Pest Solutions, we're happy to help property owners in Chandler, Buckeye, and throughout the Phoenix metro exterminate rodents! 

How we get rid of mice and rats

At Greenway Pest Solutions, we offer ongoing home pest control services that are designed to eliminate common house-infesting pests and prevent new activity from developing. When you contact us for help getting rid of mice or rats, here’s what we’ll do:

  • Perform an initial inspection to determine what pests are already active and determine the level of infestation 
  • Provide an interior and exterior service that includes treatment specifically for rodents and installation of exterior rodent stations
  • Service your property every three months to ensure insects and rodents stay out

For more information about our pest solutions for home or business, reach out to Greenway Pest Solutions today! 

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