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Pack Rats

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What do pack rats look like?

Pack rats, also called wood rats, are very common in Arizona desert areas and are identified by their gray or tawny-colored bodies and lighter underbellies, furry tails, big ears, and eyes.  From the nose to the end of the tail, these rodents are approximately 15 inches in length.

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Pest Facts

Did you know?

  • Pack rat nests can get as large as four feet high and eight feet wide.
  • Pack rats are aptly named because they often collect (or steal) objects and materials to use in the construction of their nests or to hoard in their nests.
  • Pack rats also go by wood rats and trade rats.

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Where do pack rats nest?

Outside, pack rats often nest in burrows, caves, bushes, car engines, wood piles, under sheds, or in elevated areas such as trees. Indoors, these rats will establish nests in attics, wall and ceiling voids, and other areas where they're likely to avoid human contact. 

What are pack rats' nests made out of?

Like mice and other types of rats, pack rats use what they find to build nests. They'll shred fabrics, tear apart mattresses, rip up paper, gather plants and wood, and even collect animal droppings to line their nests with. They're also quite fond of shiny things and have been known to take coins and all sorts of items back to their nests. 

What do pack rats eat?

Generally speaking, pack rats eat just about any plant they can find and also seeds and fruits of plants. Indoors, they may feed on grains and stored cereals. 

Are pack rats dangerous?

Like other rodents, pack rats can carry and transmit diseases, contaminate food and food prep areas with their feces, urine, and saliva, and can also introduce fleas and ticks. They're destructive rats that will chew on just about anything they can including electrical wires, cabinetry, wood, and other building materials as well as furniture and other belongings.

Why do I have a pack rat problem?

If there's a way into your Arizona home, there's a good chance these rats will show up. They're excellent climbers and will take advantage of any gap, hole, or other opening from the ground level right up to the top of the roof. Once inside, if they have food, water, and safe shelter, they'll stick around until action is taken. 

How do you get rid of pack rats?

If you’re concerned that pack rats or other rodents have infested your home or business, contact Greenway Pest Solutions. Our local pest control company offers comprehensive pest control services that eliminate and prevent rodents from infesting. Reach out today to learn more about our rodent control solutions or request a free quote

How do I prevent pack rats from infesting?

To make your property less attractive to pack rats, our Phoenix pest control pros recommend the following prevention tips:

  • Seal up potential entry points.
  • Block vents with durable mesh. 
  • Remove yard debris and clutter.
  • Relocate wood piles so that they are several feet from any structure.
  • Store pet food and bird seed in containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep your outdoor trash can lids closed and do not let trash pile up on the ground. 
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