Five Things To Know About Arizona Bark Scorpions
June 14, 2024

Five Things To Know About Arizona Bark Scorpions

Let's talk scorpions. Out of more than 60 scorpion species, the Arizona bark scorpion is the only scorpion in Arizona that is considered dangerous. How dangerous is it? Let's look at five things every Arizona resident should know about these pests.

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#1 Arizona bark scorpion stings can be quite painful

In most cases, a sting from an Arizona bark scorpion will only result in localized pain and swelling. The pain is usually severe, and the swelling often comes with numbness. The pain is worse than a bee sting and has more in common with being electrocuted. Yes—it is unpleasant.

Is a sting from an Arizona bark scorpion deadly? It is potentially deadly, but the risk of death is extremely low. The last recorded fatality was in 2013. Modern medicine and immediate medical care are the key factors in preventing a dangerous outcome.

#2 Arizona bark scorpions aren’t really trying to sting you 

Thousands of Arizona residents are stung annually. So many get stung by these pests because these scorpions commonly enter homes. But it is important to keep in mind that a bark scorpion isn't looking to sting you. It will avoid you if it can. Most people get stung by accident.

#3 Arizona bark scorpions are nocturnal

They prefer nighttime activity. When it gets dark, these arachnids go hunting. They can do this in your yard or inside your home.

You may detect nighttime scorpion activity by using a blacklight. An Arizona bark scorpion has an exoskeleton that reflects ultraviolet light. Essentially this spectrum of light makes them glow a blue-green tint.  

#4 These scorpions are most active in the summer

Arizona bark scorpions are busy during the summer months. The reason is linked to the last fact we shared. Scorpions are nocturnal by nature. In the summer, temperatures during the night are warmer. The mixture of darkness and warmth gets Arizona bark scorpions moving.

During the summer, we also have monsoons, and a monsoon can bring the moisture that these scorpions need.

During the winter months, chilly nights can send scorpions into man-made structures where the temperature is warmer. Fall is a good time to take extreme measures to pest-proof.

#5 Arizona bark scorpions climb

One of the main concerns with the Arizona bark scorpion is its ability to climb the exterior surfaces of homes and businesses. These scorpions are known to scale the sides of buildings to reach vents and other potential entry points. It is important to seal any gaps or openings that these arachnids may use to enter. Additionally, it is worth noting that they cannot climb up glass or other smooth surfaces due to their inability to get a grip.

Once inside a structure, bark scorpions will continue to use their climbing ability to move about inside wall voids and attic spaces.

How to keep Arizona bark scorpions out   

To eliminate existing scorpion activity and to prevent these pests from infesting down the road, we highly recommend signing up for a year-round home pest control plan from Greenway Pest Solutions.

Available in Phoenix, Anthem, and Paradise Valley, as well as throughout our Arizona service area, our Premium Seasonal Service plan starts with an initial inspection and treatment, which could include:

  • Interior & exterior pest treatments.
  • Treating the block wall for scorpions.
  • Spraying the foundation and perimeter (3 ft. up and 3 ft. out)
  • Treating wall voids, entry points, baseboards, and exterior lights.
  • Sweeping and de-webbing eaves.
  • Treating ant mounds.
  • And so much more!

After the initial service, we’ll send a highly trained and fully licensed pest control specialist out every three months to ensure pests don’t have the opportunity to re-infest.

Should you spot a covered pest in the kitchen or elsewhere in your home between services, simply give us a call, and we’ll come back to re-treat at no additional charge. That’s our guarantee!

For relief from scorpions and other pests that infest Arizona homes and businesses, the team at Greenway Pest Solutions is the one to call. You can count on us to deliver effective and affordable pest solutions for whatever is bugging you. Reach out today!

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