Common Summer Pests In Phoenix
July 5, 2024

Common Summer Pests In Phoenix

The temperatures warm up in Phoenix during the summer months, and increased temperatures lead to increased pest activity. Another factor that can make pests worse is monsoon season. Let's look at which Phoenix pests are more active in the summer and consider a few tips to help lower pest populations and keep your home pest-free. As always, your Greenway Pest Solutions service team can help you find an effective and long-lasting pest control solution for your home or business. Connect with us today!

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Argentine ants, pavement ants, and other types of ants are prevalent summer pests in Phoenix due to a combination of environmental conditions and behavioral patterns, including optimal breeding conditions, abundance of food sources, and colony expansion.

Although most ants in our region are considered nuisance pests, they do not make good houseguests. They’re not exactly a lovely sight to see in the yard, either.

Pro tips:

  • Phoenix is arid, but the summer monsoons bring sporadic rains that create temporary moisture sources. Eliminate these as best you can.
  • Keep your kitchen and pantry free of crumbs and spills and be sure to remove grease and food build-up on the sides of kitchen appliances.
  • Keep trash receptacles clean and covered so ants won't easily detect your trash and come looking for food.
  • Don’t forget to maintain your yard, trim grass regularly, eliminate weeds, and haul away tree branches and other yard debris.

Cockroaches & Crickets

When the days are hot and arid here in Phoenix, roaches and crickets are more likely to seek refuge indoors. Using any gap, crack, or opening they can find, these pests will slip inside to enjoy our climate-controlled homes and maybe even look for a snack and some moisture.

Pro tips:

  • Store food in airtight containers, use trash bins with lids and address moisture issues indoors to discourage cockroaches and crickets.
  • Seal potential entry points to prevent bugs from getting inside in the first place.
  • Clean up the yard to eliminate potential hiding spots.
  • Replace any damaged weatherstripping.


Mosquitoes love monsoon season. They thrive and reproduce quickly when stagnant water resources are available. Most mosquitoes lay eggs in still water. One female will lay a hundred eggs at a time.

Pro tips:

  • Inspect your yard and remove any objects that can collect rainwater.
  • Address conditions that allow your property to stay damp.
  • Reduce weeds to eliminate hiding spots.

Bees & Wasps

Summer temperatures, available moisture, food sources, and hiding places are the factors that impact bees and wasps. When these insects warm up, they grow their populations. When they find water to drink and food to eat, they get busy. If they find a gap or crack in a man-made structure, they may get inside.

Pro tips:

  • Remove fruit and other organic matter that might attract stinging insects.
  • Knockdown newly formed nests (don’t touch established nests).
  • Seal all potential entry points to stop bees and wasps from nesting in wall voids and other places inside the house.

Pest control solutions that target summer pests in Phoenix

Life gets busy. Who has time for DIY pest control? Rather than spend time and waste money trying to eliminate bugs on your own, contact Greenway Pest Solutions for year-round pest control in Phoenix.  Our home pest control services include:

  • An initial inspection and treatment
  • Ongoing pest control services every three months.
  • Interior pest treatments
  • Exterior pest treatments
  • Wasp nest removal on first and second-floor eaves
  • And more!

Additionally, our team of highly trained and fully licensed pest control specialists can help you avoid mosquito bites this summer with seasonal mosquito control. Every month, from April through October, one of our pest pros will treat your yard to eliminate adult mosquitoes and disrupt the mosquito breeding process by treating water elements, such as koi ponds and rain barrels. Mosquito trapping stations will also be installed and monitored.

Greenway Pest Solutions also offers bee and wasp removal services in Phoenix, including an inspection and customized treatment plan.

Finally, our Phoenix, AZ pest control company also offers professional weed control that disrupts pest activity and eliminates ugly weeds that try to take over every summer.

As you can see, we have solutions for summer pests. All you must do is complete the form below or call our office. We’d love the chance to help you take care of pests this summer and all year long!

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