Common Spring Pests In Arizona
March 19, 2024

Common Spring Pests In Arizona

In the spring, your Arizona yard is alive with insects and rodents. If you want to keep them outdoors where they belong, it helps to know a little bit about them, such as identification, attractants, and common entry points. Join us today for a quick and simple guide to spring pests in Arizona. For immediate assistance with a pest problem, remember that we're here if you need us. Contact your Greenway Pest Solutions team for service.

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Sneaky springs pests that show up in Phoenix & throughout Arizona

Some of the creatures that come into your yard are sneaky about the way they do it. Rats and mice scurry in under the cover of night. Subterranean termites travel through mud tubes to get inside and quietly feed on the inside of wood timbers. Scorpions are nighttime hunters that search for food when the sun goes down.

How to find these pests

Rats and mice are furry animals with long tails that are about the same length as their bodies. The tail of a mouse is thin, and the tail of a rat is thick. You'll find these rodents hiding in dark secluded spaces. But long before you see a rodent, you're more likely to find their black droppings or the holes they make in building materials. You may also hear them scurrying and squeaking in the ceilings or wall voids.

Subterranean termites are about ⅛ of an inch and milky-colored. You might see a few if you remove a piece of wood, but the best way to detect these insects is to look for the mud tubes they create on the base of your home. During the spring, you may also see winged termites in your yard.

A scorpion has two claws, six legs, and a curled tail with a stinger on the tip. You can detect scorpions by shining a black light at night. Their skins glow in the dark when exposed to black light.

Spring pests in Arizona that are easier to spot

Most pests make pests of themselves. That is why we call them pests. We have a wide variety of ants that create mounds and appear indoors in large numbers.

Mosquitoes hatch outdoors and start to bite us in our yards.

Cockroaches, though a bit sneaky, will let you know they are in your home by appearing on walls, under kitchen sinks, in bathrooms, and other areas easily discoverable. They will also leave black droppings for you to find.

Wasps make nests on your home or start buzzing around near the ground in your landscaping.

Spiders create webs in or on your home and hang out on those webs—or surprise you when they appear indoors in unexpected places.

How to reduce spring pest problems

There are many ways to proactively deter common Arizona pests from causing trouble in your yard or finding their way into your home. Here are our best spring tips.

  • Keep indoor and outdoor trash receptacles covered.
  • Knockdown spider webs and destroy egg sacs.
  • Eliminate sources of stagnant water.
  • Remove wood debris or junk piles that contain paper, cardboard, or paper products.
  • Avoid overwatering your landscaping to reduce moisture and humidity.
  • Regularly cut grass, eliminate weeds, and keep your vegetation trimmed.
  • Replace weatherproofing materials on your exterior doors and windows.
  • Check for gaps around utilities.
  • Seal all potential entry points.
  • Apply metal flashing to bolster vulnerable rodent entries.
  • Keep the interior of your home clean.
  • Reduce clutter in your yard, garage, storage closets, attic, etc.
  • Keep exterior lights off in entryways when not needed.

General home maintenance can help you stay ahead of pest problems and keep your home pest-free as you go into spring and summer. It is always good to get a head start on pest problems.

Contact Greenway Pest Solutions for professional pest control

As you work to address spring pests and potential vulnerabilities, remember your Greenway Pest Solutions team. We provide year-round home pest control services for Arizona residents that include:

  • An initial inspection and treatment
  • Service every three months
  • Interior & exterior pest treatments
  • De-webbing bushes, playsets, and other areas where webs have developed
  • Sweeping & de-webbing eaves
  • Knocking down nests on first and second-floor eaves
  • Treating the block wall for scorpions
  • And more!

In addition to our ongoing home pest control plan, we also offer effective termite control services and seasonal mosquito treatments in Phoenix, Chandler, and Anthem, as well as throughout our entire service area. Connect with us and find out how we can help you keep spring pests out!

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